What is a session like?

The first session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes since more information will be collected. Subsequent sessions, however, last approximately 60 minutes. We begin by filling out a health check and identifying the patient’s expectations of acupuncture. (Understand the reason (s) for consultation) This is a short interview to learn more about your current state of health and your health history, your environment and your lifestyle.

Once the interview is over, we proceed with the treatment. The therapeutic orientation will be based on your energy balance and the techniques chosen to achieve the best result. (Needle, moxa, cupping) Each treatment is personalized and adapted for each patient and can be modified at the next meeting according to the results or changes that occur on your state of health. The exposure time of the needles is approximately 20 minutes, but can vary from 15 to 30 minutes. It is possible to treat the patient lying on his back, stomach or side depending on the acupuncture points that are targeted. Your comfort is important and I will make sure that you are comfortable so that you can relax.